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Paspaley records 8% increase in June sale

1 August 2016
The most expensive lot was a commercial-grade stranding parcel, which sold for more than ¥15 million (nearly $150,000), said Michael Bracher, executive director of Paspaley Pearling Company. 
The auction saw 437 lots on offer, 277 of which were sold. Total sales amounted to ¥754.58 million (close to $7.51 million), an 8th percent increase compared to the June 2015 sale. The average price per momme was also consistent with the auction results of the previous year, Bracher said.
Seventy companies placed winning bids during the three-day auction. “These buyers were mainly from Japan and greater Asia, with a select few from the US and Europe,” he added.
Meanwhile, guests at the auction received a complimentary copy of 'Secret Life of Pearls', an hour-long documentary created by Paspaley, premiering on the National Geographic Channel globally throughout 2016. The documentary provides a rare insight into the Australian pearling industry, showcasing the adventure, mystery and beauty behind one of the world’s most valuable gems.
For your complimentary copy of 'Secret Life of Pearls', subscribe to the Australian South Sea pearls website ( by August 31, 2016. Subscription is free and provides you with a variety of benefits to assist in the sale of Australian pearls.
Highlights of the 58thPaspaley Pearl Auction:
  • Total lots offered: 437
  • Number of lots sold: 277
  • Total sales value: ¥754.58 million (about $7.51 million)
  • Special lots: A 20mm round pearl, a 20mm button pearl, a very fine-quality 18mm button 
  • pearl and a parcel that sold for more than ¥15 million (nearly $150,000)
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